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Elsa Bangz is your fashionable weirdo that has just about done every hardcore thing you can imagine. She's super talented with a background of figure skating, a degree in literature, and also musically talented, playing the piano, drums and bass. She is also a very talented night club stripper and porn star in movies.
She describes her sexual preferences as "Any position, double penetration, anal, double vaginal, love S&M, roughness, no inhibitions, exhibitionist, public sex, girls and of course gang bangs I am very small, there are some dicks I can`t take in all the way or can`t do all the positions with big dicks, but if you know how to pet my pussy right you`ll find a way in there to please me. I am very forward I don`t like foreplay, but with women, I love to kiss. I have pretty much every fantasy in my head, I do and receive all… Nothing shocks me anymore."
Elsa likes to change her looks alot so why not take a peek at what she's up to!

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